About the Elf

What does an elf – trained in the use of a bow and arrow – know about art?

Perhaps she fashioned broken fletching into quills, and trimmed broken shafts into brush handles during those quiet nights alone, scratching words and images onto whatever bits she could find and carry with her.

If you asked, she’d tell you that her sketchbook is her most prized possession. And if you pressed further, she’d tell you her name was Berryl.

What else?

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, ‘Phee and Dragonet.

I am, at my core, an artist, although I cut myself off from that for reasons of self preservation (read: depression). There is a yearning to be true to myself, and get back to letting my passions define me (which includes archery, yes), but once you allow life to develop ruts, it’s sometimes hard to break from that path. That’s not to make excuses, but to explain where I am coming from, and where I hope to be.

May this place help accomplish that.

 Oh, and why an elven assassin?

Because someone once said,
that is what I should be, as a collector of hearts.

Strong and fearless? I still want to be that.
[clearly our opinions on character differed, but that’s ok]

Take me as I am, or leave me.
I’m ok with that.

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