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The Copper Dragon of Nova Scotia

In the South Upland of Nova Scotia, some folk whisper tales of a copper dragon, while others insist such mendacity is grossly exaggerated. Instead, they argue, such outlandish yarns are merely the work of an eccentric – but wizened – old hermit by the name of Aillig*, most noted for his unusually stubborn crop of

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Introducing the Remarkable Dragons of Canada

What if I told you that dragons walked amongst us? Some might call it crazy, or fanciful – a child’s tale even – but as any true believer will whisper over tankards of ale, dragons are predators, superior above all others; masters at blending into their surroundings. 2018: the year of the …dragon? My goal for

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New digital wallpaper listed at Etsy!

::beams:: I did a thing <3  I participated in a Facebook challenge at the beginning of the month, which gave me the needed push to make finishing touches on my dragon sketch, and list it for sale as a lock screen or wallpaper for your phone/tablet. You can find them on Etsy here: iPhone/Android wallpaper,

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29 and Holding

Today is my birthday <3 ~~~   It’s been filled with finishing projects on hand like the necklace you see above. (Like it? find it [here]) Thinking I should make them in a bunch of birthday-month stones; could become a “thing” :D Should put the nose back to the grindstone, so… ttyl!  

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the Mystery of Craft Sales

Craft Sales are tricky beasts. They are difficult to find, often are already full of jewelry vendors, and are… weirdly unsuccessful. I attended one last week, (yay!) a month ago(!) and then didn’t break even. (boo!) I was very excited to split my table between my jewelry and GelMoment display, but… didn’t quite win people over that

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