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New digital wallpaper listed at Etsy!

::beams:: I did a thing <3  I participated in a Facebook challenge at the beginning of the month, which gave me the needed push to make finishing touches on my dragon sketch, and list it for sale as a lock screen or wallpaper for your phone/tablet. You can find them on Etsy here: iPhone/Android wallpaper,

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My (fantastic) results with acrylic pouring

I tried something new! ::beams:: This week, I tried a painting technique called “acrylic pouring,” something completely new to me and out of my comfort zone. For someone who is a newbie, I would call these a success!   Tutorials are plentiful (especially on YouTube), but the basic necessities are: paint (even children’s paints), liquid

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New Artwork Posted: 4×6″ Gold and Green Dragons

Artwork has been slow, but steady. Still, two more drawings complete, and one more to go! The accordion book is nearing completion as well, with only the cover left to paint. I am being encouraged by friends to write/illustrate a children’s book. ::smiles:: A lovely sentiment. Maybe an idea will spring to mind; I have

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Between Love and Fear

I have been happily back to drawing! So what’s the title about? I love to draw… in fact I adore working in pencil! (and own several sketch books that attest to that fact…) Yet I often feel clumsy after I set the graphite down. Reverting to a coward, I find myself unwilling to sacrifice hours

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New Artwork Posted: 4×6″ Red Dragon

So, I did a thing ^_^   I began this little dragon a few weeks ago when helping out at FanQuest, and then tucked him out of sight. It wasn’t until two days ago that I rediscovered the little fellow, and here are the fruits of my labour ::smiles:: I received a lovely 4×6″ sample booklet

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