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Sold my artwork ❤

I sold a 5×7″ print of my little pseudodragon! ❤ I also sold a small tote with him printed on it, too ::beams:: There is very little profit margin, but it gives me warm fuzzies knowing a couple of local people have my artwork. Family gets a lot of compliments using it, but I haven’t sold

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Viking Knit

So proud of myself <3 I’ve wanted to make this for quite awhile! Viking knit requires – in its simplest form – a pencil, and extra wire to form a jig. When I first stumbled across this weaving technique I thought, “Fantastic! Who doesn’t have a pencil at home?” That didn’t work for me; I could not

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Goodbye Etsy, Hello World?

Words cannot explain how excited I am! (Honestly, I’ve been trying for hours! ::laughs::) It would be silly to abandon Etsy after printing 200 business cards with my Etsy store listed, but Etsy is not working for me right now, as I last mentioned. I’ve wanted to host my own items here from the start,

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April In Review

Hey, sorry to be so quiet. Nose deep in Horizon: Zero Dawn, which has been glorious. (It has been ages since I’ve played video games.) I like their spin on how society might rebuild in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s also very neat trying to place what year it must be, based on the mishmash of present day

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Spring Seedlings (of a different kind)

No photos, because my piddly phone is acting up, but I made my first seed bead bracelets. ::cheers: I don’t know how to tie off the ends properly… but that’s a minor technicality, right? (Work for another day.) It’s nice to make something new, ::grins:: perfect or not. As for seedlings, I’m never very good at raising

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