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Flooded Basements Wait For No Elf

The polite turn of phrase is “character building.” Between the broken motor in the dishwasher over the weekend and the death of my sump pump this week, it’s been a very exciting few days in my home.

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Updates An’ More Updates

Lots and lots of behind the scenes work improving my Etsy store,
to a point that I am rather proud of.

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Open for Business! (Yay!)

My Etsy store banner~~~~~

I am so excited; my Etsy store is open for business! :D

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Fairies, and Dragons, and Pixies, Oh My

The past week has been quite productive; I’ve been drawing pretty things, and in doing so, perfecting my Etsy store. ::preens::

I am so happy with myself, and feel that I’ve made real progress <3

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Etsy, Inspiration, and the Unexpected

Etsy is driving me up a tree, but I am finally making progress with item descriptions. That doesn’t stop inspiration from running off and causing more work to be done ::laughs:: I feel like have more ideas than I rightfully know what to do with.

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