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It’s Hard to Turn Over a New Leaf

…when electric cars don’t have gas engines ;) Signed my life away for a 2017 Nissan Leaf. According to the dealership, this is probably the first 2017 model sold in Canada. Pretty cool factoid, if you ask me! The weather has become ridiculously warm. At 2°C for the past couple of days, the snow has

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Dragon Ornaments :3

Still nervous about tomorrow’s craft sale, but I’m excited to have already sold some dragon ornaments to family and friends :D I’m finding them very hard to photograph, but they’re really cute in person :) When it comes to surrounding yourself with like-minded people, my love of dragons comes naturally :D

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Summer Transitions

Where do I begin, today?

Summer holidays mark the transition of the seasons more than any other. 

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What Once Was Old…

…be made new again.

Eight years ago in university, I created a sculpture of a dragon descending to survey its territory. This became a source of pride and embarrassment, as much as it survived as a source of consternation. A lot of time was devoted to its creation, but what do you do with a two and a half foot display?

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Shifting Gears (Again)

I have had… an unexpected shift in focus.

I am knitting chain maille, fifteen years after I first took an interest in it. ::laughs:: A little late, but I am attacking it with the same passions I attack everything, so it is fun, and exciting, and I’m dabbling with other jewellery techniques at the same time. 

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