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Spring Seedlings (of a different kind)

No photos, because my piddly phone is acting up, but I made my first seed bead bracelets. ::cheers: I don’t know how to tie off the ends properly… but that’s a minor technicality, right? (Work for another day.) It’s nice to make something new, ::grins:: perfect or not. As for seedlings, I’m never very good at raising

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Challenges, Shop Updates, and Spring!

Although the weather in Manitoba threatens snow, it is finally spring! I am looking forward to walking in the warmer weather, and taming wilderness that has become my garden…

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Summer’s End

Summer’s end means… school begins, and the cycle repeats itself once more, except this year, with a twist. ::smiles::

This year… ‘Phee has transferred to the same school as her sister, and graduated to full days. I am almost beside myself ::laughs:: What to do with all that free time on my hands?

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Inspiration Strikes

Sometimes all it takes is an off-the-cuff remark to send you running in unexpected directions.

Piano night

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So I’m back to working on that dragon…

It’s been a busy time over here in the Land of the Elves, as it were. The Littles have been keeping us very busy with recitals, and school picnics and such. Next week is The Last of It All and then my weekends are free to garden… in theory. I had hoped to spend time there

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