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29 and Holding

Today is my birthday <3 ~~~   It’s been filled with finishing projects on hand like the necklace you see above. (Like it? find it [here]) Thinking I should make them in a bunch of birthday-month stones; could become a “thing” :D Should put the nose back to the grindstone, so… ttyl!  

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I thought I saw you from across the room but it turns out he only had your mannerisms. that awkward wonder of why he was here; not sure if he should smile? Fish out of water. ~~~~~ I saw Chris de Burgh in concert last week <3 It was fantastic, of course. ::grins from ear

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Falling for New Beginnings

My apologies for the lack of updates in August! We went travelling to Ontario for two weeks, and every day was a fast paced blur. Life returning home has not slowed down either until now. The girls enjoyed their first day back at school. Dragonet’s classroom is remarkably huge! Phee’s classroom has a pint-sized exercise

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New Artwork Posted: 4×6″ Gold and Green Dragons

Artwork has been slow, but steady. Still, two more drawings complete, and one more to go! The accordion book is nearing completion as well, with only the cover left to paint. I am being encouraged by friends to write/illustrate a children’s book. ::smiles:: A lovely sentiment. Maybe an idea will spring to mind; I have

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Sold my artwork ❤

I sold a 5×7″ print of my little pseudodragon! ❤ I also sold a small tote with him printed on it, too ::beams:: There is very little profit margin, but it gives me warm fuzzies knowing a couple of local people have my artwork. Family gets a lot of compliments using it, but I haven’t sold

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