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I don’t like posting when I can’t find positive things to say, and life has been very… strained for several weeks. Plans to visit my extended family went sideways, you could say. KeyCon treated us very poorly as a vendor this year. Found our number well enough to demand more money. Lost it when it

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New ‘Do

So I might have done this thing.

As in, I might have dyed my hair…


Why, you ask? Well, I’ve always wanted to be wild with my hair, just once. Actually, I wanted green, but the stylist didn’t have it. (I bought this seafoam green wig about a decade ago, and always wanted to dye my hair a similar shade.) Currently working at a place where this doesn’t upset the office space, so why not? Hoping it doesn’t fade too quickly, because I’ll have to live with it for a while, haha.

I also did this other thing,

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Being Sick is For The Birds

I’ve been quite sick. Combination of coughing, sleeping and one trip to Emergency. (Thankfully nothing, but she misdiagnosed my cough!) Oh, but Logan was good ;) Definitely worth the admission price at the theater.

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Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

It sure feels like it is, anyway ::grins:: Prints (and stickers!) arrived last night. (One is pre-sold, and soon to be dropped in the post! <3) Did I say? even corrected my ridiculous typo on my business cards and resent them. O.o I will love them forever! You can now find my cards at the shop. (Houray!)

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Art Prints, and… RedBubble

It is nice to be drawing again… even if it’s only to finish old artwork. <3 5×7″ prints will be available for sale by the end of the month, I’m just waiting on the printers to complete and mail out my order. I am thinking $11USD shipped to anywhere in the world is decent, no?

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