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The Copper Dragon of Nova Scotia

In the South Upland of Nova Scotia, some folk whisper tales of a copper dragon, while others insist such mendacity is grossly exaggerated. Instead, they argue, such outlandish yarns are merely the work of an eccentric – but wizened – old hermit by the name of Aillig*, most noted for his unusually stubborn crop of

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Introducing the Remarkable Dragons of Canada

What if I told you that dragons walked amongst us? Some might call it crazy, or fanciful – a child’s tale even – but as any true believer will whisper over tankards of ale, dragons are├é┬ápredators, superior above all others; masters at blending into their surroundings. 2018: the year of the …dragon? My goal for

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I thought I saw you from across the room but it turns out he only had your mannerisms. that awkward wonder of why he was here; not sure if he should smile? Fish out of water. ~~~~~ I saw Chris de Burgh in concert last week <3 It was fantastic, of course. ::grins from ear

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Protected: Alice Revisited

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


She ran her fingers across the tapestry lightly, the silk threads cool beneath the touch; the still images dancing to life in her mind’s eye. This is a strong lifeline, she nodded absently, with practiced steps guiding her. Fabric slipped through her fingers, a small gap breaking the otherwise uninterrupted sensation. Horses. A farm. This

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