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Identity is a Mask

I am the sum of my parts they shape me mold me and break me Artist Coward Lover Friend Sister Confidante Mother… Or not. I am all of these (none of these) I have no face; What mask would you like me to wear today? (Written years ago, and yet still true)

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Meandering this crooked road dogged at every turn… Forced to face This place I don’t belong in.

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[Not] A Love Story

She combed her fingers through her hair, smiling to herself.

“Good morning, Angel.”

She turned towards the sound of his voice, soaking in the dappled sunlight playfully caressing his bare torso. Berryl watched with unabashed delight as he toweled his hair from his swim in the nearby stream.

“Good morning, Lover,” she grinned, rising to meet him. “And what plans do we have today, hmm?” she asked, tugging at scant fabric between them. Scattering kisses, he caught her up into his arms and nipped her ear, whispering heavily.



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Is it love to hang on past the dead and dying? Were you ever the man I loved? You have his face His disposition His wit He lacked your cruelty, though. Then again, I think he was a coward.

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