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Strength In Numbers

She poked the embers, wishing the heat would touch the icy chill that had lodged its tendrils deep in her chest.

“This is the reason I wanted to become strong,” she told the flames. “A hunting knife to cut out their murderous hearts, and a quiver of arrows to protect me.” Drawing a steadying breath, she continued, “I half-wonder if I’d been in possession of one then, would I have been tempted to fall on it afterward.”

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Perfectly Imperfect

You call me perfect but I’m not. I am broken, beaten, battered shattered in a million pieces. Sure, I sparkle I’ll be your night sky but, I am rough around the edges ~sharp like a knife~ Kiss me, hold me mold me, love me I’ll be your reflection your light in the dark render me

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You’re the one I want.

Meet me under the lamplight Quarter past ten, Teeth tongue and nail marks etched upon forbidden skin. Fingers wound in th’other’s hair; searching finding conquering my quivering flesh.

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He sat with the sealskin folded in his grip, idly rubbing it with a thumb as it rested in his lap.

He remembered the day it fell into his possession ~ still clear and sharp in his mind’s eye ~ the gentle sway of her hips, the nuanced play of her hair on the sea breeze, her lithe, supple body erect before him.

Time… had not been kind.

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