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I thought I saw you from across the room but it turns out he only had your mannerisms. that awkward wonder of why he was here; not sure if he should smile? Fish out of water. ~~~~~ I saw Chris de Burgh in concert last week <3 It was fantastic, of course. ::grins from ear

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Identity is a Mask

I am the sum of my parts they shape me mold me and break me Artist Coward Lover Friend Sister Confidante Mother… Or not. I am all of these (none of these) I have no face; What mask would you like me to wear today? (Written years ago, and yet still true)

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Meandering this crooked road dogged at every turn… Forced to face This place I don’t belong in.

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Winter Gives Way

Split splat What is that? Lazy chimes in the evening wind Singing songs of summer Snow is melting -Splat split- Come to tell the posies Rise and shine Though it’s evening -Children sleeping- I will watch the morning rise. One more day of spring.

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Is it love to hang on past the dead and dying? Were you ever the man I loved? You have his face His disposition His wit He lacked your cruelty, though. Then again, I think he was a coward.

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