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Sold my artwork ❤

I sold a 5×7″ print of my little pseudodragon! ❤ I also sold a small tote with him printed on it, too ::beams:: There is very little profit margin, but it gives me warm fuzzies knowing a couple of local people have my artwork. Family gets a lot of compliments using it, but I haven’t sold

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Goodbye Etsy, Hello World?

Words cannot explain how excited I am! (Honestly, I’ve been trying for hours! ::laughs::) It would be silly to abandon Etsy after printing 200 business cards with my Etsy store listed, but Etsy is not working for me right now, as I last mentioned. I’ve wanted to host my own items here from the start,

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Revisiting (and supplying) DIY Natural Deodorant

Whereupon the elf touches upon the pros and cons of making DIY deodorant, and points you towards where you can acquire a “better than average” supply ;)

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Spring! And the cutest, (almost) easiest knitted cloth ever

Whereupon the Elf talks about knitting, her up-coming craft sale, and, well, yeah, yarn ;)

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Modest Sales! Exciting Developments?

Very excited to hear my items have been selling locally in the shop! They are hosting an event tonight, and it appears that what I brought with me yesterday is on trend as it were. Some of it will even be featured as “exclusive early access.” ::grins::  Definitely excited to hear how that goes. Seems I

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