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It’s Hard to Turn Over a New Leaf

…when electric cars don’t have gas engines ;) Signed my life away for a 2017 Nissan Leaf. According to the dealership, this is probably the first 2017 model sold in Canada. Pretty cool factoid, if you ask me! The weather has become ridiculously warm. At 2°C for the past couple of days, the snow has

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Small steps in the right direction

Firstly, new earrings available at Strange Things Emporium! Not my usual style, but they fit in with the theme of the shop. I believe they are reasonably priced, so even better if they sell ;) Next up, incorporating upcycling into my business model. I’ve become an avid tea drinker since discovering Earl’s Valentine (a seasonal black tea

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Excited About Plans <3

None of this “New Years resolutions” stuff, just the necessity of new agendas and calendars, haha. Waiting on my Petit Prince agenda by Moleskine. Super, super excited about that! While my day-planning skills last year were the pits, I absolutely adored carrying around my little pocket agenda. (Can I be honest and say it was for the ruler?)

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Business Cards! (and craft sales)

There I go, disappearing again… November brings with it an extra year on my driver’s licence. I was brave, and signed up for two more craft sales. I’ve attended one and broke even, so I should not complain. (I’ll be honest, it’s difficult not to question what I’m doing!) The second is set for the end

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Craft Sales Are… Learning Experiences

So I showed my work at a craft sale over the weekend. ~~~~ Standing in the thick of it, I was worried it wasn’t a strong presentation, but I felt differently after reviewing this photo. Truthfully, I find it almost easy to forget this was my table. ::laughs:: Silly, but true. Positives, to take away

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