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the Mystery of Craft Sales

Craft Sales are tricky beasts. They are difficult to find, often are already full of jewelry vendors, and are… weirdly unsuccessful. I attended one last week, (yay!) a month ago(!) and then didn’t break even. (boo!) I was very excited to split my table between my jewelry and GelMoment display, but… didn’t quite win people over that

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Between Love and Fear

I have been happily back to drawing! So what’s the title about? I love to draw… in fact I adore working in pencil! (and own several sketch books that attest to that fact…) Yet I often feel clumsy after I set the graphite down. Reverting to a coward, I find myself unwilling to sacrifice hours

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April In Review

Hey, sorry to be so quiet. Nose deep in Horizon: Zero Dawn, which has been glorious. (It has been ages since I’ve played video games.) I like their spin on how society might rebuild in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s also very neat trying to place what year it must be, based on the mishmash of present day

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Revisiting (and supplying) DIY Natural Deodorant

Whereupon the elf touches upon the pros and cons of making DIY deodorant, and points you towards where you can acquire a “better than average” supply ;)

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Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

It sure feels like it is, anyway ::grins:: Prints (and stickers!) arrived last night. (One is pre-sold, and soon to be dropped in the post! <3) Did I say? even corrected my ridiculous typo on my business cards and resent them. O.o I will love them forever! You can now find my cards at the shop. (Houray!)

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