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29 and Holding

Today is my birthday <3 ~~~   It’s been filled with finishing projects on hand like the necklace you see above. (Like it? find it [here]) Thinking I should make them in a bunch of birthday-month stones; could become a “thing” :D Should put the nose back to the grindstone, so… ttyl!  

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Protected: Alice Revisited

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Is it love to hang on past the dead and dying? Were you ever the man I loved? You have his face His disposition His wit He lacked your cruelty, though. Then again, I think he was a coward.

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He sat with the sealskin folded in his grip, idly rubbing it with a thumb as it rested in his lap.

He remembered the day it fell into his possession ~ still clear and sharp in his mind’s eye ~ the gentle sway of her hips, the nuanced play of her hair on the sea breeze, her lithe, supple body erect before him.

Time… had not been kind.

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Watching the Watcher Passes the Time

I thought you were gone. I had so many things to say, I wrote them in a letter several letters at a time… I wonder why you come around, ~ stick around ~ and leave again; I couldn’t be bothered to reply, but, watching the Watcher passes the time.

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