Drawing is the sweet melody I had forgotten

Perhaps that sounds overly dramatic, but you’ll find out in short order that I love dramatic flare. ::laughs:: Life is meant to be dazzling, and euphoric… so often it isn’t. So often we let it get that way, and accept the status norm. …and I mean that, not ‘status quo’ as that’s not the bar we should aim to set;

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ue o’muite arukou

(ue o’muite arukou) I look up when I walk, So that the tears won’t fall… ~~~~~ “I’m happy that you’re drawing, but I wish you wouldn’t draw for me.” Well Kitten, you got your wish. These aren’t for you, and they’re glorious. (But, I still wish you could see them.)

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And I Want To Do [All The Things]!

If possibility were a tree branching
in front of me…

The Possibilities Are Endless

I’d sit still to marvel,
and forget to take that first step.


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