April In Review

Hey, sorry to be so quiet. Nose deep in Horizon: Zero Dawn, which has been glorious. (It has been ages since I’ve played video games.) I like their spin on how society might rebuild in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s also very neat trying to place what year it must be, based on the mishmash of present day

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Spring Seedlings (of a different kind)

No photos, because my piddly phone is acting up, but I made my first seed bead bracelets. ::cheers: I don’t know how to tie off the ends properly… but that’s a minor technicality, right? (Work for another day.) It’s nice to make something new, ::grins:: perfect or not. As for seedlings, I’m never very good at raising

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Revisiting (and supplying) DIY Natural Deodorant

Whereupon the elf touches upon the pros and cons of making DIY deodorant, and points you towards where you can acquire a “better than average” supply ;)

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Spring! And the cutest, (almost) easiest knitted cloth ever

Whereupon the Elf talks about knitting, her up-coming craft sale, and, well, yeah, yarn ;)

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Protected: Alice Revisited

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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