WIP ~ Diablo III submission

So as it turns out, Blizzard is hosting a contest for art submissions. I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage that some people will have a whole month to perfect their art and I’ve less than half that, but I haven’t been excited to draw in quite awhile, and a $5k prize is quite exciting. ::laughs::

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She stood there, hesitantly.

With reluctance, she pulled herself away from the only thing standing between herself and anonymity. Throat constricting, she cautiously peered from behind its rough edges of bark and across the tall grass, until her eyes met with the house sheltered across the clearing. This was the closest she’d dare come all year. Just thinking about

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Hold Me

Hold me in your arms. Sweet surrender to your touch. Pillowed in the hair draped around your neck, let me drown in the sweet scent of comfort as I let go of all else.

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