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[Not] A Love Story

She combed her fingers through her hair, smiling to herself.

“Good morning, Angel.”

She turned towards the sound of his voice, soaking in the dappled sunlight playfully caressing his bare torso. Berryl watched with unabashed delight as he toweled his hair from his swim in the nearby stream.

“Good morning, Lover,” she grinned, rising to meet him. “And what plans do we have today, hmm?” she asked, tugging at scant fabric between them. Scattering kisses, he caught her up into his arms and nipped her ear, whispering heavily.



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Colour Me Pink

“You’re gonna miss me by my walk…Ohh You’re gonna miss me by my talk Oh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.” ~Anna Kendrick ~~~~~ Adult colouring books have been all the rage for quite some time now, and I’ve done my best to sidestep the entire fad until this point. Well, while brainstorming ideas

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Strength In Numbers

She poked the embers, wishing the heat would touch the icy chill that had lodged its tendrils deep in her chest.

“This is the reason I wanted to become strong,” she told the flames. “A hunting knife to cut out their murderous hearts, and a quiver of arrows to protect me.” Drawing a steadying breath, she continued, “I half-wonder if I’d been in possession of one then, would I have been tempted to fall on it afterward.”

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An unexpected visitor

She looked over at his sleeping form.

He wasn’t even supposed to travel this far, Berryl contemplated, shaking her head in amusement as she sipped on her tea quietly.

Cone tea, he had called it.

She blushed faintly in the moonlight, studying the berry that floated along the surface, stubbornly refusing to join its brethren. A weary traveller through her domain…

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She stood there, hesitantly.

With reluctance, she pulled herself away from the only thing standing between herself and anonymity. Throat constricting, she cautiously peered from behind its rough edges of bark and across the tall grass, until her eyes met with the house sheltered across the clearing. This was the closest she’d dare come all year. Just thinking about

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