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Between Love and Fear

I have been happily back to drawing! So what’s the title about? I love to draw… in fact I adore working in pencil! (and own several sketch books that attest to that fact…) Yet I often feel clumsy after I set the graphite down. Reverting to a coward, I find myself unwilling to sacrifice hours

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New Artwork Posted: 4×6″ Red Dragon

So, I did a thing ^_^   I began this little dragon a few weeks ago when helping out at FanQuest, and then tucked him out of sight. It wasn’t until two days ago that I rediscovered the little fellow, and here are the fruits of my labour ::smiles:: I received a lovely 4×6″ sample booklet

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An’ All For the Love of Etsy, er, Money

January’s progress has been less linear than I expected.

Etsy’s Viva la Resolution! (aka, Etsy Resolutions 2016) began yesterday and since I know how to fumble around with a camera, I’m really waiting for week two, where I’ll learn how to craft a better listing. I find it a painful struggle to write product descriptions and I’m hoping this will help me past my stumbling block.

Meanwhile, I make more things, and eke out more photographs.

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