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the Mystery of Craft Sales

Craft Sales are tricky beasts. They are difficult to find, often are already full of jewelry vendors, and are… weirdly unsuccessful. I attended one last week, (yay!) a month ago(!)¬†and then didn’t break even. (boo!) I was very excited to split my table between my jewelry and GelMoment¬†display, but… didn’t quite win people over that

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Goodbye Etsy, Hello World?

Words cannot explain how excited I am! (Honestly, I’ve been trying for hours! ::laughs::) It would be silly to abandon Etsy after printing 200 business cards with my Etsy store listed, but Etsy is not working for me right now, as I last mentioned. I’ve wanted to host my own items here from the start,

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Sideways

April showers bring May flowers.

I learned that rhyme in Kindergarten.

I remember bringing home a large poster seemingly as tall as I was, with a large letter J that took up most of the paper, disguised as an umbrella. Along with a handful of fat, full, raindrops were the words, “April Showers, bring May flowers.”

Well, Mother Nature decided to play an April Fool’s joke this year…

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