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the Mystery of Craft Sales

Craft Sales are tricky beasts. They are difficult to find, often are already full of jewelry vendors, and are… weirdly unsuccessful. I attended one last week, (yay!) a month ago(!) and then didn’t break even. (boo!) I was very excited to split my table between my jewelry and GelMoment display, but… didn’t quite win people over that

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Goodbye Etsy, Hello World?

Words cannot explain how excited I am! (Honestly, I’ve been trying for hours! ::laughs::) It would be silly to abandon Etsy after printing 200 business cards with my Etsy store listed, but Etsy is not working for me right now, as I last mentioned. I’ve wanted to host my own items here from the start,

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Sideways

April showers bring May flowers.

I learned that rhyme in Kindergarten.

I remember bringing home a large poster seemingly as tall as I was, with a large letter J that took up most of the paper, disguised as an umbrella. Along with a handful of fat, full, raindrops were the words, “April Showers, bring May flowers.”

Well, Mother Nature decided to play an April Fool’s joke this year…

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Challenges, Shop Updates, and Spring!

Although the weather in Manitoba threatens snow, it is finally spring! I am looking forward to walking in the warmer weather, and taming wilderness that has become my garden…

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Flooded Basements Wait For No Elf

The polite turn of phrase is “character building.” Between the broken motor in the dishwasher over the weekend and the death of my sump pump this week, it’s been a very exciting few days in my home.

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