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Dragon Ornaments :3

Still nervous about tomorrow’s craft sale, but I’m excited to have already sold some dragon ornaments to family and friends :D I’m finding them very hard to photograph, but they’re really cute in person :) When it comes to surrounding yourself with like-minded people, my love of dragons comes naturally :D

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Business Cards! (and craft sales)

There I go, disappearing again… November brings with it an extra year on my driver’s licence. I was brave, and signed up for two more craft sales. I’ve attended one and broke even, so I should not complain. (I’ll be honest, it’s difficult not to question what I’m doing!) The second is set for the end

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Craft Sales Are… Learning Experiences

So I showed my work at a craft sale over the weekend. ~~~~ Standing in the thick of it, I was worried it wasn’t a strong presentation, but I felt differently after reviewing this photo. Truthfully, I find it almost easy to forget this was my table. ::laughs:: Silly, but true. Positives, to take away

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With Sword In Hand, I…

D&D is off to a good start!

For once, I stepped out of my comfort zone and instead of playing my usual female elf thief-mage/sorceress (erm, my Berryl), I am roleplaying  a male dragonkin barbarian! It’s going to take some getting used to, but I think I like 5th edition.


Alasdaire, the noble born dragonkin, off to show the world he’s not some ignorant young’un :P

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Almond cake in a blue ramekin topped with creamy cookies and cream ice cream

Almond Cake [with Homemade Almond Paste]

Hahaha, if you go through my list of recipes I’ve posted here, you might be under the impression I have a mild obsession with almonds. Almond and pumpkin. While that might be true… honestly I have all this left over almond meal from when I made Almond Mice Cookies last, and what better excuse than this to use it? :D

This recipe comes from one of my staple books in the kitchen Essentials of Baking by Williams-Sonoma.

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