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Sold my artwork ❤

I sold a 5×7″ print of my little pseudodragon! ❤ I also sold a small tote with him printed on it, too ::beams:: There is very little profit margin, but it gives me warm fuzzies knowing a couple of local people have my artwork. Family gets a lot of compliments using it, but I haven’t sold

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Viking Knit

So proud of myself <3 I’ve wanted to make this for quite awhile! Viking knit requires – in its simplest form – a pencil, and extra wire to form a jig. When I first stumbled across this weaving technique I thought, “Fantastic! Who doesn’t have a pencil at home?” That didn’t work for me; I could not

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Scarves and Yarn Stashes

No pictures of my work, I’m afraid. I did a lot better at my 2nd craft sale. While I only sold items to one customer, I was in the same boat as other vendors, and traded a lot of items. I now have beautiful shades of purple and magenta mixing bowls from Tupperware, plus other goodies, mwahaha! Two

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Craft Sales Are… Learning Experiences

So I showed my work at a craft sale over the weekend. ~~~~ Standing in the thick of it, I was worried it wasn’t a strong presentation, but I felt differently after reviewing this photo. Truthfully, I find it almost easy to forget this was my table. ::laughs:: Silly, but true. Positives, to take away

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Flooded Basements Wait For No Elf

The polite turn of phrase is “character building.” Between the broken motor in the dishwasher over the weekend and the death of my sump pump this week, it’s been a very exciting few days in my home.

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