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Between Love and Fear

I have been happily back to drawing! So what’s the title about? I love to draw… in fact I adore working in pencil! (and own several sketch books that attest to that fact…) Yet I often feel clumsy after I set the graphite down. Reverting to a coward, I find myself unwilling to sacrifice hours

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New ‘Do

So I might have done this thing.

As in, I might have dyed my hair…


Why, you ask? Well, I’ve always wanted to be wild with my hair, just once. Actually, I wanted green, but the stylist didn’t have it. (I bought this seafoam green wig about a decade ago, and always wanted to dye my hair a similar shade.) Currently working at a place where this doesn’t upset the office space, so why not? Hoping it doesn’t fade too quickly, because I’ll have to live with it for a while, haha.

I also did this other thing,

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Colour Me Pink

“You’re gonna miss me by my walk…Ohh You’re gonna miss me by my talk Oh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.” ~Anna Kendrick ~~~~~ Adult colouring books have been all the rage for quite some time now, and I’ve done my best to sidestep the entire fad until this point. Well, while brainstorming ideas

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Patreon Vs Kickstarter

“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.”
~Pablo Picasso


I think this sums up my art process to a tee…

A friend had suggested I try GoFundMe, and when he described what he was thinking, Kickstarter had come to mind; further discussion with other people leads me to believe his suggestion was more in line with Patreon.

Now the question is: Which do I want to do?

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