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Updates An’ More Updates

Lots and lots of behind the scenes work improving my Etsy store,
to a point that I am rather proud of.

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Fairies, and Dragons, and Pixies, Oh My

The past week has been quite productive; I’ve been drawing pretty things, and in doing so, perfecting my Etsy store. ::preens::

I am so happy with myself, and feel that I’ve made real progress <3

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An’ All For the Love of Etsy, er, Money

January’s progress has been less linear than I expected.

Etsy’s Viva la Resolution! (aka, Etsy Resolutions 2016) began yesterday and since I know how to fumble around with a camera, I’m really waiting for week two, where I’ll learn how to craft a better listing. I find it a painful struggle to write product descriptions and I’m hoping this will help me past my stumbling block.

Meanwhile, I make more things, and eke out more photographs.

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Wie Schrijft, Die Blijft

Wie schrijft, die blijft.
[He who writes, remains.]

Powerful words.

Takes a bit of thought; those who leave their mark, remain in play. It feels like a good anthem at the moment, as I continue to struggle.


Just a little bit, even one measly little mark, is enough to remain on the board.

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Back to Drawing…

Monday was my birthday, and with it came a beautiful gift. <3

My desire for a new keyboard was noted a few weeks ago and acted upon.The Elf is a happy camper, may I just say. ::smiles:: It responds beautifully, and the keys are well spaced.

Dragon & Fae Queen WIP?

I’ve had an itch to draw and use my tablet with it of course;

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